The Power to Will

by Peter Saint-Andre

The will is neither absolutely bound nor free,
Instead it's a continuum from weak to strong —
Just as what's done from love is neither right nor wrong,
But lives beyond the bounds that good and evil see.

We use one word, yet will is many things combined:
There's what I leave behind and that toward which I'm drawn,
The sunset of the old, arriving at the dawn,
And always a commanding thought within the mind.

This tensing of the bow, this fixing on the goal,
Is felt within by what commands and is commanded —
A subtle sense of living up to what's demanded
By what is rarest and what's best within the soul.

Although the will to power seems to hold most sway,
The power to will is that which finally rules the day.

(cf. Beyond Good and Evil, ยง19)

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