New York Woman

I wrote this song while I was in a bad mood stuck in Atlanta, Georgia -- don't take it personally, OK? :-)

Well I been across the ocean
Been all around this world
But I only needed to cross the Hudson
To find my kind of girl

And that's a New York Woman
I don't like no other kind
New York Woman
Leaves the other kinds behind

Well I've lived down south and I gotta tell you
A smart Belle's just a fluke
And if I ever seen another brainless bleacho blond
Preening herself in the rearview mirror
Well I think I'm gonna puke

Just give me a New York Woman
She don't live to primp and pout
No, New York Woman walks so straight and proud
Lord she makes me sing and shout

Well you can cross the Mason-Dixon
You can head out north or west
But if you just look 'round in Gotham
Boys you're bound to find the best

And that's a New York Woman
Puts the other kinds to shame
New York Woman
Ain't no woman quite the same

Well you can take your LA Woman
And you can take your Southern Belle
And you can take your Georgia Peaches
All the way to hell

'Cause I got a New York Woman
She makes me one happy Manhattan man
And if she asks me what kind of man I am
Well I say: I'm a New York Woman kind of man.