Letters on Happiness

An Epicurean Dialogue

by Peter Saint-Andre

The best life is a happy life, and a happy life is easy to achieve: all you need is to understand what is natural and needful for human beings (such as health, serenity, and companionship), and to avoid destructive emotions like anger and envy along with groundless desires for fame, power, honor, wealth, and immortality.

Letters on EpicurusSo argued the Greek philosopher Epicurus. Although he lived over 2300 years ago, the ideas and practices that Epicurus recommended are still compelling today. Letters on Happiness explores Epicureanism through a modern, down-to-earth dialogue between two young friends (and includes all-new translations of key Epicurean texts). Their extended conversation peels away the layers of misunderstanding about Epicurus that have accumulated over the centuries (e.g., that he advocated an unthinking hedonism), revealing the positive wisdom that lies at the core of this ancient creed.

As Epicurus himself observed: "Reflect on what brings happiness, because if you have that you have everything, but if not you will do everything to attain it." Letters on Happiness provides essential insights for the love of wisdom and the practice of a better life.

The book will always be available for free on this website. Kindle and print versions can be purchased at Amazon. My suggestions for further exploration might also be of interest.

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