Ancient Fire

Poems and Translations

by Peter Saint-Andre

Ancient FireThis book is available in paperback and Kindle formats.

Invocation: Ancient Fire

Strophe: Sapphic Shards

Deathless Aphrodite on your lavish throne
Come here to me from Crete
Some say...
He seems to me...
Fragments on Eros

Antistrophe: Odes of Horace

I Have Completed a Monument
The Muses' Friend
What Shall a Singer Ask of Apollo?
A Priest of the Muses
You Shun Me
Deep with Snow
The Snows Have Fled
Keep a Tranquil Mind
The Fleeting Years
It's Better to Live
This Aegean Storm
You Who Measured the Sea
Pluck the Day

Epode: Poems

In the Garden
The Measure
Liaison D'Etre
No Exit
Moving Violation
On a Visit to the Musée Rodin
The Problem of the One and the Many
Urban Haiku
The Art of the Fugue
Ivy, My Enemy
Fond Wish
Jesus in Atlantis
Reflections on My Father's Life
Paying for Shade
Looking up at the Sky

Envoi: The Course of the Sun

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