The Dawn

by Peter Saint-Andre

Rise up! Rise up! The dawn is here!
Just as the glowing sun will bring
New truth, so too the soul will sing
A Yes beyond all pain and fear.

True certainty is hard to find,
But still I know enough to dance
With passion on the feet of chance,
A dance both joyous and refined.

With every step I go beyond
A human, all too human fate:
I learn and know but to create,
And make with those who work a bond

To cultivate, beget, and sow
A future earth that we can love.
We do not seek the stars above,
But most of all the world we know.

Rise up! Rise up! My will be done —
A will which through its work redeems
Both earthly life and noble dreams,
Which warms me like the morning sun.

(cf. Thus Spoke Zarathustra, "Of Immaculate Perception", "Of the Three Evil Things", "The Honey Offering", "Of the Higher Man", "The Sign")

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