Far and Near

by Peter Saint-Andre

The hand of those who legislate
Directs you to what's far away:
Salvation, science, riches, state,
The things that by convention pay.

Instead consider what is near
To be your weightiest concern
And focus your attention here:
Apply your powers and discern

What benefits you in the way
You interact with foe and friend,
The best division of the day,
Reflection on the time you spend

In work and leisure, art and play,
In nature and society,
In what command and what obey,
In courage and propriety.

The body has its wisdom, too:
Philosophy applies to sleep,
To what you eat, to what you do
In daily life — this too is deep

And subject to a higher code
Of individuality.
By following your natural mode,
You ground your own morality.

(cf. Human, All Too Human, Volume II, Part II, ยงยง5-6)

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