The Testimony of Dionysus

by Peter Saint-Andre

Although it's true he was the finest student that I taught,
His claim to be my best disciple doesn't square with facts
I can't ignore: he sought his liberation in his thought;
To him philosophy was like a Cretan double axe

He used to slay the frenzied states my worshippers hold dear;
You'd think perhaps he was a loyal student of Apollo
Because of how he venerated everything that's clear;
He made a synthesis so singular it's hard to follow.

And yet the very challenge that he sought through integration
Of elements of darkness and of light within the soul
Provides a model for a life of human elevation
And points toward achievement of each person's highest goal.

My verdict in the end is that he was a noble liar
Whose edifying poetry was made to tell a story
Of how an individual could reach for something higher
And so emerge from weakness into splendor, power, glory.

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