Vivo, Ergo Cogito

by Peter Saint-Andre

Perhaps there is a finer fame
Than that attained by mere acclaim:
The glory of a higher goal;
The image of your deepest soul

Imprinted in a work or act;
Creation made a living fact;
An insight deep or deeply rare;
A greatness that you greatly share

Across the all too human ages
Among the all too human sages.
If so then nurture, as you strive,
What in your heart is most alive:

The path you climb, the craft you ply —
If you but learn to trust your eye
And ear, to seize what's ever near,
To honor what you hold most dear —

Is glorious enough in scope
To bring to pass your highest hope.
Enforce within this law severe:
To live and think what you revere.

(cf. Untimely Meditations, "On the Uses and Disadvantages of History for Life", ยง10)

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