The Tao of Roark

by Peter Saint-Andre

Chapter 21: Passion

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Passion is hard.

To be passionate is to love this earth and everything in it, to love my life, to be devoted to my values and ideals, to be fully engaged with the world, to take my life and my soul seriously, to never give in to despair, to always hold on to a great sense of hope and if necessary to make my own hope, to provide the motive power in my life, to be thankful for all that I experience, to care deeply about making the world a better place through my thoughts and choices and actions.

If I am passionate about my life, I don't float through it — I live with attention, engagement, awareness, curiosity, interest, devotion, energy, immersion, enthusiasm, motivation, commitment, depth of feeling, moral ambition, love for my values, love for existence, and reverence for life in all its forms.

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