The Tao of Roark

by Peter Saint-Andre

Chapter 27: To Choose and Not to Choose

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Honoring the power of choice brings me great simplicity, but sometimes greater simplicity comes from not choosing.

Some choices are already made for me. I am what I am, and the challenge is to become what I can be, not to change myself fundamentally and completely.

Roark is described as a force of nature. Do I try to change the earth or the ocean or the sky? No, but I can harness them to achieve my values. Just so I can harness and direct and master myself. I am a unique combination of talents, interests, sensitivities, capacities, and potentials. Why attempt to overcome these things, when instead I can use them as the strong foundation for building my life?

Yet the things that I choose are the essence of my life. When I choose something, I accept it, affirm it, admire it, let it into my life, give it my living energy, say yes to it in a total, undivided way. It becomes part of me and I become as faithful to it as I am to myself.

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