I just switched to the America theme for this page. I'm not a big flag-waving, America-love-it-or-leave-it kind of American (after all I'm half Dutch :), but we've definitely had the flag flying at our house of late -- although ours is of the thirteen-stars variety. I've always liked that Betsy Ross flag, I guess it's my libertarian leanings and respect for the ideals of the American Revolution. (Coincidentally, right now I'm listening to Paul Simon's song "America", though in a live version by Yes. Their version is much more celebratory than S&G's, and of course it clocks in at over ten minutes -- gotta love progressive rock!)

I sure would love a better interface between Jabber and weblogs. My friend Dizzy has been working on an XML-RPC component that would enable people to post blog updates from their Jabber clients (such as my favorite, Gabber). But he's so busy that he hasn't had time to polish it up for general consumption. Maybe if I cook him some extra-special Thai food he'll be motivated to finish it off. :)

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