Getting Things Done


Marc Andreessen recently posted some interesting thoughts about personal productivity at his new blog (HT: Tyler Cowen). Not infrequently, I have people ask me about how I stay productive. I don't have a strict system as Marc seems to (I'm not much into systems, got that out of my system if you will back in my old Randian days), but I do tend to keep most of my time open. Some would say I'm also a fan of structured procrastination (isn't that one definition of blogging?) but I wouldn't go that far. In large measure I keep on track with Jabber work by regularly referring to the XSF roadmap and my dotplan (not that I quickly complete the items on those pages, but I do try to keep them all going in parallel). Plus, maintaining an empty inbox really helps me stay focused. Finally I don't watch TV (except for baseball, but you don't need to pay much attention to that) and I don't have kids. It all adds up. :)

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