Two Wars


Can America fight two wars at once? The war on terrorism has been likened to the war on drugs. I doubt we can fight both at once. Indeed, I would argue that it is immoral to fight the war on drugs now. Well, it's been immoral all along, but the harsh reality of terrorism makes that fact obvious now. Some 6,000 people died in one day as a result of terrorism. I doubt that 6,000 people have died in the last 100 years as a result of taking drugs (as opposed to fighting over drug territories or stealing in order to feed a habit that is grossly overpriced precisely because of the war on drugs). The intent of terrorism is to maim and kill innocent people and strike fear into the survivors. The intent of taking drugs is to get high. Can we afford -- economically, politically, ethically -- to continue to persecute those who for whatever reason want to smoke a joint or snort some coke or shoot up now and then (or even regularly)? I think not. Let's put those DEA agents to work protecting Americans from violence, not terrorizing South American farmers and North Americans who have a health problem called dependency on drugs. Not only is ceasing the drug war the right thing to do, but doing so would immediately bring drug prices crashing down, thus deflating the profits of organized crime outfits, guerilla armies, and, yes, even terrorists all over the world (supposedly the Taliban control 90% of the world trade in heroin). As Bob Marley said, legalize it!

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