Scoundrels, Idiots, and Moonbats


Have you noticed how political discourse has devolved into mere name-calling? According to many on the right, Bill Clinton and other Democrats are not just wrong, they are irremediably immoral scoundrels. According to many on the left, George Bush and other Republicans are not just wrong, they are inherently stupid idiots. According to many conservatives, Ron Paul and other libertarians are not just wrong, they are constitutionally insane moonbats.

Of what help is such ad-hominem inanity? None whatsoever. And it distracts real people from civilly debating real issues and practically solving real problems. I disagree with many of the positions taken by most Democrats, Republicans, and even libertarians (that's why I'm politically homeless). But I don't think those folks are scoundrels, idiots, and moonbats. Many of them have good reasons (or at least what they think are good reasons) for holding the positions they do. You can't have a reasonable discussion with someone if you've demonized them from the start. But maybe our political parties and mainstream media don't want us to have a reasonable discussion in the first place, eh?

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