The Trail Blazer


Glenn Reynolds astutely observes the following about Ron Paul:

Paul's doing better than anyone expected. It's abundantly clear that he's not doing it on charisma and rhetorical skill. Which means that libertarian ideas are actually appealing, since Ron Paul isn't. Paul's flaws as a vessel for those ideas prove the ideas' appeal. If they sell with him as the pitchman, they must be really resonating.

Bingo! Ron Paul doesn't matter because of 2008, any more than John Fremont mattered because of 1856. Despite his flaws, Fremont (who lost big-time to James Buchanan) blazed the trail for Lincoln in 1860. For whom will Paul blaze the trail to smaller government? I don't know yet, but 2012 is only 5 years away. Just think how well the message of free minds, free markets, and a free people could do with a more marketable candidate!

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