Operators Group Redux


Due to popular demand inspired by my previous post, I have created an email discussion list operators@xmpp.org to facilitate conversation among operators of XMPP services (you can join by sending mail to operators-request@xmpp.org). This list is for people who run XMPP services and want to compare notes, discuss deployment challenges, debug s2s federation issues, find contact information for operators of other services, share information about bad actors on the network, discuss requirements that might be fed into standardization efforts, etc. This list is not for newbie server admins (use jadmin@jabber.org), developers (use jdev@jabber.org), or protocol geeks (use standards@xmpp.org).

As the same time, I've also created a chatroom operators@conference.jabber.org, since we don't especially want to talk about the XMPP network only over email. ;-)

Please note that anyone may join these discussion venues. The message traffic is archived (see here and here) but the participant list is available only to those of us who run the xmpp.org/jabber.org infrastructure. And naturally you can join pseudonymously using a throw-away email address or JabberID. Lurkers are welcome, though naturally we hope that you'll actively contribute so that we can solve some of the deployment issues we face on the XMPP network.

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