My work life has 3 states:

  1. Busy. These are the times when I can work 50 hours a week and feel that I'm making a bit of progress.
  2. Super busy. 60 hours a week is not enough for me to keep my head above water.
  3. Ultra busy. Even at 70+ hours a week I'm falling ever further behind.

I seem to be pretty steadily at super busy this year, with stints in the ultra busy state. So I've decided to become more organized, specifically by reading and perhaps adopting David Allen's system for Getting Things Done. To date all I've done is start reading Allen's book and start playing with various computer tools that help you implement the GTD philosophy (my favorite so far: Things). If I truly start to become more productive, you'll immediately know because I'll start to post about something other than work (and even then only briefly)...

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