Consent Withheld


As noted, I've been pondering how, or even whether, to vote in the American elections this fall. I've considered writing in none of the above, but that makes it sound as if I'm merely unsatisfied with the offered choices and would happily indicate a positive preference if only someone else were running. Yet I don't think any politicians will make a difference, because America's problems are so deeply systemic.

I've also considered not voting at all, but that doesn't make it clear why I'm not voting. Was I just not feeling well on Election Day? Did I have a busy day at the office? Was I travelling? Who knows? I'd be implicitly counted as giving my consent to this ever-more-corrupt system we live in. And I don't want to be implicitly counted in favor -- I want to withhold my consent in as explicit a manner as possible.

So I'm thinking that instead of writing "none of the above", I'll write "consent withheld" on my ballot. Sure, it will count as a spoiled vote, but perhaps that's a good thing. I haven't yet seen the mail-in ballot here in Colorado, but once I do I'll figure out the best way to withhold my consent, scan in the results, and post my ballot online before sending it in to those who count the votes.

Just say no to politics!

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