Over the Summit


Whew! The fifth XMPP Summit wrapped up earlier today (well, actually yesterday as I write this). It's always difficult for me to tell if folks find these events worthwhile, because they are a bit of a whirlwind for me, as the person who's "in charge" (hah!). But I've received positive feedback from everyone I've talked with -- at least the core Jabber geeks and a few other folks I polled. In particular, I think we made good progress on two fronts:

  1. Jingle. Rob McQueen of Collabora and Diana Cionoiu of Yate reached consensus on a number of issues, with input from me, Justin Uberti of the Google Talk team, and a few interested others. Rob has started posting emails to the jingle@xmpp.org discussion list, and we'll be updating various specs and publishing one or two new ones in the near future.

  2. OAuth. We've been talking for a while about ways to build hybrid HTTP+XMPP technologies, and use of OAuth is a big part of that. During a collaborative brainstorming session between Blaine Cook, Kellan Elliott-McCrea, Evan Henshaw-Plath (rabble), Joe Hildebrand, and Ralph Meijer, we worked out some details for how we can send OAuth tokens and signatures over XMPP and therefore authorize access to resources on the Jabber network. I'll be updating and renaming XEP-0235 real soon now (maybe even tomorrow) to reflect that consensus.

There are other actions as well, but I see those two as the big ones.

Anyway it's past 2 AM here and my brain is fried from all my work on the Summit these past days and weeks, so I think I'll sign off now and post more soon about all the interesting stuff happening in the wonderful world of XMPP.

Until then, Jabber on!

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