Old Nick's Guide to Happiness


I'm pleased to mention that my friend Nicholas Dykes has finally published his first novel, entitled Old Nick's Guide to Happiness. It's billed as a philosophical novel, and fans of Ayn Rand will no doubt spot the resemblance to some of her works.

I imagine that when writing philosophical literature of this kind, it's difficult to steer clear of the Skylla of moralistic preaching and the Charybdis of endless talk without action. Happily, "old Nick" has avoided both hazards. I had the honor of reading the book in manuscript (twice!), and Nick even asked me to provide a blurb, which I proudly repeat here:

Bravo! Quite delightful. Old Nick's Guide to Happiness is an engaging adventure on many levels: it captures the mind most of all, but weaves in suspense, diverse characters and humor as well. I enjoyed it immensely.

Check out the extracts Nick has posted online, and let me know if you order a copy!

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