As I hinted last night, I think the time has come for people who care about human freedom to stop pontificating about political policies and instead start preparing for the practicalities of life in a brave new world. I'm not necessarily talking about survivalism, but I am talking about swapping hands-on strategies and insights into personal success and mutual assistance, both utilitarian and, if you will, spiritual. The range of information that could be shared here is broad: encrypting your electronic communications, locating money-saving deals (including opportunities to swap and barter), building local and online communities, finding like-minded friends and acquaintances, growing and cooking more of your own food, gaining historical perspective on what's happening in the world so that you can maintain your equilibrium, becoming aware of (and taking action to prevent) possible threats to your family and property, and so on. If you have any suggestions for good websites or books on these topics, feel free to pass them along. Perhaps a common wiki is in order, too.

More soon...

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