Seven Things


So there's this whole "seven things" meme going around. Someone posts seven things you might not know about them at their blog, then they tag seven others to do the same. A chain letter for the 21st century and all that. I was chatting with Harper Reed earlier today and I noticed that he got tagged, which reminded me that Massimiliano Mirra tagged me just before FOSDEM but I was too busy to post my reply. So here's a list of seven things about me that might not be very well known:

  1. I didn't graduate from high school the first time around, so I went to a second school for a postgraduate year before attending Columbia University.
  2. During my first two years of college I worked at IBM's Watson Research Laboratory on techniques for molecular beam epitaxy.
  3. After college I taught English as a second language at the TemelĂ­n Nuclear Power Station (then under construction in southern Bohemia).
  4. One of the best things that ever happened to me was getting fired from my job as an editor at M.F. Smith & Co., since it forced me to get my first job working on Internet technologies back in 1996 (though being escorted from the building in the pouring rain wasn't very fun).
  5. I've been playing guitar since I was 13 years old -- longer than lots of Jabber developers have been alive. :)
  6. I'm not really a geek -- I studied philosophy and ancient Greek in college (well, in fact I mostly played guitar).
  7. I have 72 first cousins. I think. :) Whatever the number, it's a lot.

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