Today our cat Cimarron had a stroke and needed to be put to sleep. We've had Cimarron (and her littermate Sappho) since 1994, so it's hard to say goodbye. Both "Cim" and "Sapph" are black cats, Cim with white feet and Sapph with black feet, so we've often called them "white paws" and "black paws" (in contrast to our dogs Max and Leo, often called "big paws"). Despite her epilepsy and neuroses, Cimarron was a sweet kitty who never demanded a lot of attention (unlike her bossy sister Sappho). She was the runt of the litter but had the longest whiskers I've ever seen on a cat -- especially in proportion to her size! She was also quite the hunter and explorer, which is why she had crazy experiences like wandering around on the roof of our house last year.

We'll miss you, Cim.

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