Feeling the Heat


Back in 2006 I posted a series of entries about global warming: Overheated Conclusions, Hot Logic, and Taking a Look (indeed, at the time my views seemed positively shocking to some people, since I appeared to be in denial about the supposed consensus of the scientific community). Now it turns out that the academics (can we even call them scientists?) at the Climate Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia have perpetrated the greatest scientific fraud of all time, far surpassing small-time operators like Trofim Lysenko. Even a confirmed heretic like me never imagined that an inbred clique of scientific shysters would have the unmitigated gall to massively fudge the data, intimidate fellow researchers, ridicule critics, control scientific journals, suck up to politicians, and attempt to destroy evidence of their misdeeds -- a litany of crimes professional, personal, ethical, and legal. Talk about absolutely brazen behavior! Thankfully these low-lifes are feeling the heat now that a trove of email messages, documents, and software programs from the CRU has come to light (seemingly perhaps through their own incompetence, since one of the miscreants seems to have included his password in his email signature). A welcome comeuppance, I say...

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