Zamyatin the Libertarian


Greg Feirman has pointed out to me that Jeff Riggenbach's recent article Yevgeny Zamyatin: Libertarian Novelist quotes a bit from my essay Zamyatin and Rand, which was originally published in the Journal of Ayn Rand Studies (JARS) back in 2003. Excellent! The fact that scholars like Jeff Riggenbach are able to link to essays such as this is one reason why I post them online.

Speaking of JARS, Chris Sciabarra informed me the other day that my essay Nietzsche, Rand, and the Ethics of the Great Task will finally appear in Volume 10, Number 2 of that journal (officially this is the Spring 2009 issue, but publication was delayed until Spring 2010). Here's to Chris for his dedication in continuing to publish JARS despite significant challenges. Out of respect for Chris and JARS, I'll wait at least six months before posting this essay online, so expect to see it in late 2010 or early 2011.

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