My work life is now measured in fortnights, because that's how often the IESG holds its formal telechats. Preparation consists of reviewing and commenting on ~800 pages of Internet-Drafts, plus following up with document authors, working group chairs, and other IESG members in a search for solutions to whatever problems I've identified. Because I haven't found the right rhythm yet, it seems that I burn up about 15 hours a day reviewing specs on the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before the formal telechat (there are informal telechats in the "off" weeks, but they aren't as intense), then spend the rest of the two-week cycle on follow-up tasks, working group management, writing my own specs (last week an update to draft-saintandre-tls-server-id-check, this week an "editor's review" of draft-ietf-xmpp-3920bis, next week I hope finally a consolidation of two different proposals to the XSF for distributed chatrooms), tracking dozens of email lists (probably 1000 messages a day), helping developers at Cisco and in the broader XMPP community with issues they're trying to solve, and occasionally dispatching some of the many other responsibilities I have. Did I mention that I'm working 70+ hours a week nowadays? :)

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