Epicurea: The Vatican Sayings


Two years to the day after I finished my translation of the Principal Doctrines of Epicurus, I have done the same for the collection known as the Vatican Sayings. I'm not fully satisfied with my rendering of several of these sayings, but I'll let them sit for a few weeks or months and then revisit them.

By the way, I'm now half-done with translating the ethical writings of Epicurus (at least the ones that survived the fall of Classical civilization, which is to say not many). Next I'll probably work on various fragments, then finish this project by translating his letter to Menoikos (or Menoeceus as the name is usually Latinized). After that I plan to write an interpretative essay about Epicurean ethics and package it all together into a slim volume (certainly an ebook and perhaps also a printed book along the lines of the Very Short Introductions put out by Oxford University Press).

Happy New Year!

(In fact, since I explicitly abjure all rights to this work, happy Public Domain Day!)

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