Political Flatland


Ever notice how American political discourse is becoming more and more two-dimensional? Left vs. Right. Liberals vs. Conservatives. Progressives vs. Capitalists. Tea Partiers vs. Occupiers. Et cetera.

Yet the real problems don't get solved, and those individuals who constitute government continue to abuse the power they hold for their own benefit and the benefit of their friends (a.k.a. cronyism). It doesn't particularly matter who gets elected, because the policies (and we have policies for everything nowadays!) don't change in their fundamentals.

Why is that?

I've come to the conclusion that things don't change because that's how the politicians and their cronies and media supporters like it. Sure, they make a lot of noise about how divided Americans are. But that's because theirs is a strategy of divide and conquer. The more we normal folks think in terms of left vs. right, the less we'll think in terms of up vs. down -- which is the true divide in America today.

It's like Flatland: most Americans are bamboozled into believing the two-dimensional worldview of left vs. right so that they won't dare to look up at the elites who are in control.

And yes, I am, more than ever, politically homeless...

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