RFCs 7572 and 7573: SIP-XMPP Messaging


And the hits keep coming! Today two more of my RFCs were published through the Internet Engineering Task Force, defining how SIP and XMPP can interoperate for one-to-one messaging: RFC 7572 covers single messages (also called "pager-mode" messaging in the SIP world), whereas RFC 7573 covers one-to-one chat sessions (a.k.a. "session-mode" messaging). These documents continue in the series started with RFCs 7247 and 7248 and have been in the works since early 2008, if you can believe it. I hate to brag, but it shows how much I care about interoperability that I've kept pushing these specs forward all this time. :-) There are two more documents still to be published in this series: one on multi-party text chat rooms and the other on voice and video call signaling, so stay tuned for more RFCs in the relatively near future...

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