Two More Nietzschean Poems


Although my philosophical focus right now is on Thoreau, I'm also thinking once in a while about Songs of Zarathustra (a cycle of poems providing a positive interpretation of Nietzsche's ethics). Here are drafts of two more poems that might make the cut. As can be seen, these are related to my previous poem Eternal Recurrence.

Amor Fati

Whatever might unfold for me
Is not spun out by scheming Fates;
Instead it's simple destiny,
A line of life that time creates.

It's natural that I love this line,
Despite its pains and hurried pace;
Because the steps I make are mine,
I take pride in their style and grace.

I wrote the first stanza of that one a month or two ago. As I was waking up this morning, the following poem (Spiral) came to me quite quickly, and then I went back and worked out a second stanza to Amor Fati. As always, these are provisional and might not survive the editor's pen.


Eternal recurrence of the same
Sounds like a circle I can't escape,
The endless march of a lowly ant
On a moebius strip of grinding fate.

And yet the notion spurs me on
To fly and soar while I have the chance,
To make my life a thing of gold
That shines out over time and space.

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