After too long a hiatus, today we finally held another online meeting of the members of the Jabber Software Foundation. You can find the log here. I'm the (acting) Executive Director of the JSF so I need to be more disciplined about organizing these meetings. The next one will be January 2 in the foundation@conference.jabber.org room. Be there or be square!

Speaking of the JSF, I've committed to creating a new RFC that we can submit to the IETF (enough acronyms for ya?). Our original Internet-Draft was put together in a hurry by Jer and others to meet an IMPP working group deadline, and it's outdated by now. We'll be submitting this new document as an "historical" RFC that documents the current state of Jabber and its protocol, including known weaknesses. But Jabber is now used widely enough that it's important for us to document the protocol so that the standards people can learn about Jabber.

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