RFC 8048: SIP-XMPP Presence Revisited


When I quit Twitter back in early November, I promised to post a journal entry every Friday night. Although I've kept that up for eight weeks, there's a slight problem: I have too much to say! Already I have quite the backlog of entries to write, and there are times when something topical cries out for a post on a day other than Friday. Case in point: today the RFC Editor published my latest RFC, on SIP-XMPP interoperability with respect to presence functionality. Here's the backstory.

As previously noted here on May 21st, 2014, despite a bit of a rough start there's a long history behind efforts to encourage interoperability between SIP and XMPP for instant messaging. Unfortunately, right after the IETF's STOX Working Group published RFC 7248 on presence interworking, Ben Campbell discovered an architectural misconception in the document that eventually became RFC 7702. This error also applied to RFC 7248, so we had no choice but to go back and fix it. After some back and forth on the STOX mailing list between me and Ben (punctuated by long silences because we're both so busy), today the RFC Editor team finally issued the corrected specification as RFC 8048.

(Amusingly, last year I published fifteen RFCs and this year I published a grand total of one. Expect another five in 2017.)


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