Free State Project


Well, those wacky libertarians are at it again. This time some folks are advocating something called the Free State Project, which calls for 20,000+ freedom-minded people to move to one of the American states with the intent of forming a more free government there. Back in my libertarian days I advocated something similar, called the Monadnock Proposal (which had all those folks moving to New Hampshire, the "live free or die" state). Now I'm not so sure. According to the Free State folks, the most likely states (at least in terms of population and spending on political campaigns) are Wyoming, Alaska, North Dakota, Vermont, Delaware, Hawaii, Montana, Idaho, and New Hampshire (with NH once again considered the best option). Given the existence of the Alaskan Independence Party, the Great Land might be the best option, especially because it is far enough from the Beltway for the powers-that-be not to care all that much if it separates from the Union (though secession is not the primary goal of the Free State Project). Which reminds me that I've always wanted to visit Alaska. A drive up the Alaska Highway sounds like great fun to me!

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