Jabber.org Account Experiment

by Peter Saint-Andre


In early August I started an experiment to once again offer accounts at the Jabber.org messaging service, where we had turned off account creation several years ago. Given that today is my "Jabiversary" (it was 18 years ago that I first posted to the JDEV discussion list!), I figured I'd end the experiment today and report on the results. My two goals with the experiment were (1) to see if people still want Jabber.org accounts and (2) to informally poll people about donating money to help us run the service, which has been absolutely free since 1999 (e.g., we might use funds to purchase new equipment or pay for individuals to fix bugs, create new features, maintain our infrastructure, offer customer support, etc.). On both counts I would say the experiment was a qualified success: I received over 1000 account requests in 4 months and at least 30% of respondents said they would be happy to donate (some even sent me cash in the mail or payments via PayPal). Based on these results, I am encouraged to move forward with opening up automated account creation again (probably in early 2018) and with establishing a formal organization (e.g., a non-profit or cooperative) to run the service so that we can open a bank account and accept donations. Stay tuned for more details on both fronts! (Oh, and if you really really need an account between now and early 2018, I can still create one for you manually.)

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