It Was Twenty Years Ago Today


On November 21st, 2000, I posted the first entry in this online journal. Although I had tried my hand at writing a weblog even before then (e.g., using a tool for posting entries through a Jabber messaging app), writing at my own website was more appealing. Given that I'm still posting here twenty years later, I declare my original experiment a success. Here's how I characterized this space in that first entry:

I see this space as part diary, part sandbox, and part weblog -- a place to explore ideas and events on the web, in real life, and in my head.

That's still very much the case. Although the topics I explore aren't quite the same (for instance, I rarely post about technology or politics any longer) and although my perspectives aren't quite the same, I perceive more continuity than change in the 1655 entries I've posted so far.

Here's to the next twenty years!


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