Monadnock Valley Press Annual Report 2021

by Peter Saint-Andre


Happy Public Domain Day!

Over at (my site for public-domain writings), in 2021 I republished works by Joseph Addison, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Homer, Langston Hughes, Henrik Ibsen, William James, Lucian, Alexander Pope, Edwin Arlington Robinson, Voltaire, and Virginia Woolf. Inspired in part by a conversation with Gytis Daujotas of Library Athena, I also optimized quite a few longer works for online reading by breaking them into smaller chunks (typically one web page per chapter for novels, per poem for poetry collections, per act for plays, and per section or chapter for nonfiction works).

For 2022 and beyond I've greatly expanded the publication roadmap to include, among other things, many more novels. In the early years I shied away from publishing novels because their length makes them hard to read online, but now that I've started "chunking" large works I feel that novels are fair game. Thus you'll see novels by the likes of Jane Austen, George Eliot, and Victor Hugo on the list of works that I plan to republish in future years.


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