My Constitution


Accepting that the standard of value in ethics is man's life -- but recognizing the metaphysical fact that there is no human life apart from the life of the individual -- I hold the purpose of my life to be my own fulfillment as the uniquely individual human being I am.

I use the integrated force of my essential human powers to bring this about: my capacities for thought, for choice, for action, for feeling. And I use my particular characteristics: the energy of my body, the power of my intellect, the strength of my passion, the depth of my emotions; my musicality, my gift for language, my creativity, my clarity of thought, my powers of expression, my benevolence, my positive outlook, my patience, my childlike sense of wonder, my playfulness, my spontaneity, my sense of perspective, my focus on what is important, my independence, my honesty, my candor, my openness, my dedication to those I care about, my generosity of spirit, my wisdom.

I seek the fundamental values of love, of friendship, of creation, of health, of freedom, of wisdom, of the healthy esteem of respected others. I seek to create the kind of self I can trust and respect: honest, benevolent, independent, clear-thinking, stable, direct, passionate, joyous, serene. I seek joy in living, in love, in friendships, in art, in thought, in creation. I seek the widest, deepest integration of all aspects of my life. I seek to make my values real in the world.

I shall fight for joy and reason and meaning in life, and for my freedom to think and choose and act as I see fit. I shall live long and in health. I shall be devoted and loving as a husband and a friend. I shall create music and words and thoughts that inspire my own soul and the souls of others. I shall find ever greater wisdom through experience and reflection.

My vision is of a philosophy for living on earth -- and I shall live that vision. I seek my happiness -- and I shall find it.

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