Meditations on Bach #11: Mocha 5 Bass

by Peter Saint-Andre


I'm delighted to report that today I took delivery of a custom-made Symphony electric bass from Stradi Basses in Poland. It is absolutely gorgeous, sounds wonderful, and plays beautifully! Luthier Marek DÄ…bek was a dream to work with and he met all of my requirements with true craftsmanship and creativity, building with the expert assistance of his wife Agnieska an instrument we're calling the "Mocha 5". I now have a magnificent five-string bass, natively tuned in fifths using custom strings by Italian string maker Galli, that will provide a strong foundation for my transcriptions of the Bach Cello Suites (as well as some original solo bass pieces I'm composing). Wow! Thank you, Marek and Agnieska!


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