Monadnock Valley Press Annual Report 2023

by Peter Saint-Andre


In contrast to 2022, when I republished works by fifty authors, 2023 was a slow year at the Monadnock Valley Press. In retrospect, the focus seems to have been English-language poets old and new (or as new as copyright expiration laws will allow). In chronological order of authors' birthdates, that would be:

I also republished a few lesser-known books by Kahlil Gibran (he's more of a prose poet than a poet, I suppose) as well as nine speeches by Abraham Lincoln. Plus I created pages listing all the works I've published in various genres (poems, essays, etc.) since I started on January 1st, 2008.

And that's all!

Because I had hoped to do much more, a large number of works originally on the roadmap for 2023 will need to be moved to future years. I suspect 2024 might not be much more productive, since I have many other projects underway, including my forthcoming book on Aristotle. Yet that's the beauty of a leisurely project like this: I do it for pleasure and work on it whenever I have the time and inclination.


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