FSP Redux


The Free State Project has bubbled back into my consciousness, mainly because they were mentioned in the email I received today from free-market.net. There must be something fascinating for me in their proposals, else I would not keep returning to their website. Probably all people with libertarian leanings have this fantasy of reforming current society or starting a new one (à la Galt's Gulch). The Free State Project has a little of both: convince a large raft of freedom-loving people to move to an existing U.S. state and reform that state's political culture. I still think they underestimate how "sticky" political culture is, but the state data charts they just posted make interesting reading nonetheless. Last I looked, the state that was leading in their non-binding straw poll was New Hampshire, the subject of my original "Monadnock Proposal". Much as I like the West, I'd probably vote for N.H. too (though not necessarily with my feet).

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