Got RSS?


A bunch of my Jabber friends (no, I’m not naming names) have gone whole hog over Radio, the blogging app and a whole lot more from UserLand Software.

One of their favorite features is the automatic generation of an RSS file for content syndication (specifically, RSS 0.92). Not to be outdone (and seeing that there is no Radio for Linux), I have converted my blog to a custom XML format and I've written two XSLT stylesheets, one that outputs HTML and another that outputs RSS. Thus those of you who care about such things can now subscribe to my RSS feed. My new XML format consists of one file for each month (the archives were getting a bit full of per-day files anyway), each file consists of multiple days, and each day can contain one or more stories -- each of which in turn has a body, a title, and an ISO-8601-compliant timestamp based on which I generate the link to the HTML page fragment for the story's location in that month's blog page. So once I write an entry such as this one, I run the current month's XML source file through two XSLT processes and voila: a new index.html page and a new RSS feed are generated. (Actually I just type one command and a little shell script does the rest.) Pretty crazy, eh?

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