Weekly Roundup


When it's Friday evening and you're done working for the week, it's time to reflect on what you've accomplished recently and what remains to be done. (Well, maybe it's just time to relax, but I don't do too much of that these days.) Over at Jabber, Inc. I hand in a short list of weekly accomplishments every Friday, and I may start doing that in my weblog, too. First, here are some raw numbers (counting from last Sunday -- I'm never really sure when the week begins):

But the big fun of the week came in some discussions we had on the various lists. Mike Lin re-introduced the issue of the Jabber trademark. Feeding off some discussion in our weekly meeting and my voting report, Harold Gottschalk asked what JSF membership really means, and wondered how members can contribute more. Some folks on JDEV proposed a new architecture for our gateways to the closed IM systems, to which I replied that Jabber is not about bridging to closed systems but about building an open network.

To me, all of these issues require a lot of thought and, dare I say, leadership. In general I cleave to a studied neutrality with regard to many Jabber issues, and I don't want to push people in one direction or another (this is in line with my generally libertarian attitude, which I once expressed as letting go of ought). Yet I do have strong opinions about where the Jabber community is today, where it needs to be, and how we can get there. So perhaps I need to start sharing my opinions more freely and forcefully -- though, as always, expressed reasonably and with due respect for the ideas of other members of the Jabber community.

And I also need to, as Jer would say, keep grunting -- doing the necessary but unglamorous work that keeps us moving forward.

Speaking of which, here are some additional projects I've started working on:

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