Disco is Back!


I'm sitting here enjoying some baklava and Turkish coffee, and listening to the Dire Straits song "Lady Writer". Is this the best power pop song since the Beatles' "I Feel Fine" or what? Dire Straits afficianados will hear the musical germ of "Lady Writer" in "What's the Matter Baby?" by David Knopfler (Mark's less famous brother), although the lyrics to "Lady Writer" are much more intelligent and intriguing.

I've been getting into music again more recently. Among other things, I've been getting reacquainted with my steel-string guitar -- a beat-up old six-string jumbo from Taylor (model #815, serial #690) built back when they were still located in Lemon Grove. I just relearned "Taxman" by George Harrison and "Don't Think Twice It's All Right" by Bob Dylan. I also picked up the (fairly) new Bob Dylan album Love and Theft yesterday -- it's amazing how hard Dylan can rock (and swing!) given that his first album was released in 1961.

I was going to blog last night but instead I wrote up a Jabber Enhancement Proposal capturing a new protocol for service discovery in the Jabber world. The namespace in this JEP is intended to replace jabber:iq:browse, which has seen only limited adoption and which a lot of people aren't fully happy with. So yesterday morning Ryan Eatmon had a chat with Peter Millard about an alternative, and afterwards Peter stopped by my cube and we began to talk, and then we roped in Joe Hildebrand and hit the whiteboard in a nearby conference room and threw around some ideas and mapped out a protocol, then we brought in David Waite for some feedback, and later in the day I chatted with Ryan for a while and we worked out some more details. So we've got a JEP with five co-authors and more on the way for all I know. And yes, the proposed namespace is jabber:iq:disco (short for discovery) and Joe had me whistling "The Hustle" all morning yesterday. So it's no surprise I had to go out and buy that Bob Dylan CD to clear my head of horrid disco tunes. :-)

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