You Say You Want a Revolution?


Long-time readers of this weblog know that I lean libertarian, albeit in a progressive sort of way. I'm even registered as a Libertarian (that's big-L as in the Libertarian Party) in Colorado and back in the mid-nineties I was fairly heavily involved in the LP back when I lived in New Jersey. Although I won't support the national LP (too corrupt), I had been inching back towards getting involved at the state level here in Colorado, and had even entertained the notion of standing for election on the LP line.

That brief fling may have come to an end. In an article published the other day by the Rocky Mountain News, LP Senate candidate Rick Stanley asserted that any congressperson who voted for the (quite likely unconstitutional) USA Patriot Act should be "indicted for treason" and "hung when found guilty". Is Rick Stanley disturbed, or merely disturbing?

I most definitely do not agree with Mr. Stanley's assertions. For starters, he presupposes the legitimacy of capital punishment, opposes the presumption of innocence and the rule of law (notice he said "when found guilty"), and verges on revolution by assuming that the time has come to hang (not vote out of office) elected officials who do not uphold their oath of office to honor the Constitution. If the Colorado LP supports these positions or will not distance itself from a party representative who spouts them, then I shall change my registration to independent and resign from the LP. I've contacted Colorado LP officials and I'm waiting to hear what they say.

As John Lennon once sang: "But when you talk about destruction / Don't you know that you can count me out..."

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