The 80/120 Rule


DJ Adams points to an essay by Nick Denton on the benefits (yes, even the productivity benefits) of working 80% instead of 120% of the standard work-week. He's even started a company that enforces a four-day work-week. I've long thought that a company with such a policy would clean up in recruiting talented people (well, talneted people who want a life). DJ has arranged things so that he works 80%. I don't think I can do the same -- as a certified Jabber fanatic, I'm out on the 120% end of the scale. But Jabber is both work and play for me. (Speaking of Nick's company, it sounds like Jabber integration would be a big plus for his business: real-time content delivery to a web portal is one thing, but real-time content delivery to any connected Jabber device -- desktop, PDA, cell phone, etc. -- is true power.)

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