Words4Nerds #5 and #6


I haven't posted any "words of the week" in a while, though I wrote some on my whiteboard a fortnight or so ago, and this week as well. I can't quite recall Words4Nerds #5 (I know prevaricate, dissemble, and dubiety were on the list), but this week's words, on the theme of power and authority, are as follows:

  1. hegemonistic -- relating to the pursuit of dominance
  2. obeisance -- an act or gesture of subservience
  3. puissant -- full of strength and power
  4. magisterial -- in the manner of a master or ruler; imperious
  5. autarchy -- absolute power, despotism

That last word provides a fine segue to the first entry in Words4Nerds #7 (strange and obscure terms from the dismal science of economics), but we'll have to wait a week or two for those!

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