Friday Jazz #3


We skipped Friday Jazz last week because my main "customer" was out of the office. This week I sifted through a raft of Duke Ellinton CDs to choose yesterday's recording: Side by Side, a laid-back session co-led by Duke Ellington and Johnny Hodges. Ellington is mainly known for his big-band recordings, but I really like his piano recordings and also his small-group sessions. Side by Side is one of the latter. There's some really tasty piano playing from Ellington (I especially love his piano solo on "Stompy Jones") and Billy Strayhorn, and of course the inimitable alto saxophone playing of Johnny Hodges. A fine recording, and definitely not the last Ellington recording we'll be featuring on Friday Jazz. Yes, the Ellington Express is just getting rolling! But despite the fact that I revere the Duke, I promise not to make it all Ellington all the time. :)

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