Travelin' Blues


Don't expect any bloggage here until sometime early in 2003: yours truly is leaving on a jet plane early tomorrow morning -- I'll be long gone 'fore the crack of dawn, heading for New York town and other points east. I'll be visiting family and friends, driving from town to town, following that broken white line, heading down that two-lane highway, and doing some reading (selections from Epicurus as well as Nietzsche's Joyful Wisdom) when I get the chance. Speaking of the latter, the following is just a song before I go:

Toward New Seas

That way is my will; I trust
In my mind and in my grip.
Without plan, into the vast
Open sea I head my ship.

All is shining, new and newer,
Upon space and time sleeps noon;
Only your eye -- monstrously,
Stares at me, Infinity!

(From the Songs of Prince Vogelfrei, the appendix to Die Fröhliche Wissenschaft, translated by Walter Kaufmann. How many other songs are hinted at above? I count nine. Yes, Friedrich, what we seek is none other than a philosophy that sings!)

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