Jazz Friday Again


Last year I started a tradition of "Jazz Fridays" at work, wherein I brought some of my favorite CDs in for a colleague to listen to. Now he's restarted the tradition by loaning me a few of his favorites. I just finished listening to "Jazz Sambas" by the Leviev-Slon Quartet, and now I'm moving on to "Starlight Cafe" by Dmitri Matheny. And speaking of good jazz, I heard some really tasty playing on Jazz Set last week, courtesy of KUVO in Denver. The music was provided by pianist Peter Martin, but it was the drumming by Greg Hutchinson that really blew me away. From the few tunes I heard, he's a creative force on the drums, and has an almost-melodic style that impressed me a lot. I'll need to find some recordings on which he's featured....

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