The Ultimate Penalty


Amnesty International reports that governments of the following countries passed down the most death sentences in 2002:

  1. China
  2. United States
  3. Pakistan
  4. Kenya
  5. Sudan
  6. Bangladesh
  7. Iran
  8. Egypt
  9. Vietnam
  10. Rwanda

What a gruesome "top ten"! I'm ashamed that the USA keeps company with such vile and benighted regimes, especially when you consider how often prosecutors and juries get it wrong. (And that's aside from the immorality of the State killing people.)

Victor Hugo once wrote:

"I know no aim more elevated, more holy, than that of seeking the abolition of capital punishment."

Amen, Victor.

Not that throwing offenders in prison for life is the answer, either, since it costs a great deal of money and provides no compensation to the victims. Restitution, anyone?

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